I Love Fiber!

I remember watching my mom sew. I remember the fascination of seeing something flat magically become something with dimensionality and movement. I remember going to a museum and seeing a demonstration where a woman was sitting at a spinning wheel with a pile of white fluff at one side and picking some of it up and turning it into yarn...then the next lady would take that yarn and weave it into cloth on this huge loom. I stood there for what seemed like hours just watching the magic of that happen right before my eyes and it is a process that has fascinated me to this day.

I started sewing when I was eleven. My mom and cousin helped me make my first pair of hip-hugger bell bottom pants (can you remember those?) and I was so proud of them I wore them until they almost fell apart. From that time on, I loved to sew. I made almost all of my maternity clothes during my first pregnancy because I couldn't find any that I liked. My husband bought me my first serger, and I made polo tops, jumpers, pants and dresses, and since I went through two different sizes of maternity clothes, it was probably the most frugal decision we made during that time!

Over the years, sewing has continued to be a part of my creative life, and I have also tried many other types of fiber crafts...knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint.

Now, with our oldest daughter graduated from college and beginning a fabulous career for herself away from home and our youngest daughter nearly done with college, sewing clothes for them is not really an easy option since "fittings" don't go real well that far away! So, I began trying to think of other things I could do that wouldn't require the fittings. One day I saw a pattern for a tote bag in a magazine and I thought "That might be just the ticket!" I made several different bags for them and my family for Christmas and they loved them! Now a new outlet had opened up, and when I heard the words "I love all the bags mom, but what am I going to do with all of them?", I knew I needed another outlet!

That was when my thought of a store on Etsy was born. I absolutely love making these bags from start to finish. I can honestly say there is not one part of the process that I do not enjoy. I hope you enjoy seeing and using these bags as much as I enjoy planning and making them, and I'm sure I will continue to expand and create more items from fiber and thread in the future.

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