I have had so much fun making these fabulous Clutch/Wallets!  This one turned out beautifully with the yellow, green, lilac and aqua floral!  

Most of these Clutch/Wallets come with a coordinating wrist strap, but I really wanted to be able to offer people the option of a shoulder or cross body strap.  Since most of them have two D-Rings which will accommodate shoulder or cross-body straps, my only hindance was coordination.  So, by thinking outside of the box a bit, I hit upon the idea of offering a chain shoulder or cross-body strap separately.  

So, I have a supply of shoulder straps and will be offering them in various link styles in a shoulder or cross-body length of 45 inches.  These chains have a clasp at each end which can be attatched to the D-Rings inside the Clutch/Wallets.  I will also be offering them in a 52 inch length for those wishing for a longer strap.

These straps should be available on the website by this weekend and will currently be available in a silver tone, gold tone or gunmetal finish.  I am still searching for antique bronze and will add that color as soon as I can locate a chain  I'm happy with in that color.

I will also be added a few more Clutch/Wallets to the website in the next few days.  I can't wait for you to see them!