I have to admit that this Clutch/Wallet is one of my favorites!  My dad was born in England and on a trip there my parents purchased us a "toy" Double Decker Red Bus.  This bus was so large that we were able to sit on it and ride it around like a bicycle until we were almost into our teenage years!  That bus is still at my parents house...defintely a little battered and dented...but still a "toy" that has a special place in our hearts!

When I found this fabric I knew that I would have to buy it even though I did not have any specific plans for the fabric.  I ended up making my dad a vest that he could wear several years ago for Christmas.  Now that I have become "addicted (!)" to making Clutch/Wallets, I dug this fabric out from where it has been carefully kept and made this Clutch/Wallet.  I did have a bit of a time trying to decide if I wanted to feature the bus or the cab, but I decided on the bus because of it's special memories for us.  Next time...the Cab!

If you love Double Decker Busses, take a look at this very special item.  Completed and ready to ship on the website or in my Etsy Store, this will make a very special gift the the Double Decker Bus Loving Fan in your life!